July 23, 2024
Exploited College Girls – Lola  – Was It Too Much

Exploited College Girls – Lola – Was It Too Much

Exploited College Girls 24 01 25 Lola – Was It Too Much 720p

Exploited College Girls – Lola  – Was It Too Much

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Today is Lola and if you missed her first slit licking ever with fan favorite Roxanne over at our Girl/Girl site excogigirls, then get over there pronto because Lola loves sex. Sex with guys is her favorite but Lola took to pussy licking like a duck to water and “You Never Forget Your First Time.” Agreed, and she’ll never forget her first dick on camera with Tyler Nixon either and as we get to know our newbie on the bed we find out she’s exclusively into Girl/Girl porn, love that, and admitted to have never watched regular Guy/Girl porn before EVER! We need to take care of that so just like the old days we whipped out our phone and we showed her an ExCoGi scene with Tyler in it and she was all-smiles…

Smiles because she claimed the scene was “pretty vanilla” and that’s all the encouragement Tyler needed to show her what a rough time it could be. Girls that say they like it rough don’t know what porn rough is and Lola soon found out. Now Tyler being the gentleman he is and all didn’t leave any bruises but slapped that pretty little face more than a few times and choke our submissive till her face turned a lovely shade of pecker head purple. Or maybe it was baby girl pink, anyways according to Lola is the perfect amount of everything. Not to rough, not to soft, but just right and Lola admitted to loving it. She also had a record lucky number 11 of orgasms before Tyler unloaded his massive man seed all over her opened mouth with tongue out displaying her best impression of a hungry baby bird saying – Feed me. Just say Awwwwww! Oh and I almost forgot to say this was the first time Lola ever had sexual intercourse without a condom on the lucky dickhead and according to Lola there wasn’t much of a difference. I need to try the condoms you use Lola because it sure as fuck feels way less better to a guy with a condom on. Just my humble opinion, and she does however manage to plug the condom brand somewhere in the video for all you female subscribers in case you’re wondering, and with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

P.S. She queefed at (50:18, 53:10, 57:05 & 1:01:48) but don’t be embarrassed Lola it’s just that beautiful slit of yours talking to us. She also squirted for O #8 at (1:08:05) as Mr. Black Shirt used the magic wand on her. Poetry.

Count’em – Orgasm Total Lucky #11 (24:53, 29:07, 29:58, 40:46, 47:34, 48:24, 1:04:08, 1:08:05, 1:09:12, 1:22:47, 1:26:02)

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