May 19, 2024

Adult Time – Rachael Cavalli

Adult Time 24 05 09 Rachael Cavalli 1080p

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Gal Ritchie asks you how your day has been. She is wearing a green minidress that she thought you might like on her, since it goes with her green eyes. Gal says that she likes the eager way you’re looking at her, and she’s looking forward to having a good time with you too… in fact, she’s so excited that her nipples are starting to get hard. She touches her breasts, teasing her nipples to make them even harder, and encourages you to look at how hard they’re getting…

Jodie Johnson sneaks into his friend’s parent’s bedroom, holding a letter in his hand. He’s got a massive crush on Rachael Cavalli (the parent in question), so he’s taken the opportunity while at his friend’s house to drop a love letter in her room. He opens up some drawers, looking for a place to put the letter where Rachael will find it but her husband won’t. Then, he stumbles upon Rachael’s underwear drawer, and Jodie’s eyes go wide with lust…

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